It’s time to sign up for the Shabbaton.

Now that we’ve got your attention let us tell you a little about what to expect when you join us. As in previous years your Shabbat experience will packed with Ruach, learning, training, and friendship. Each one of us brings our own knowledge and way of thinking, together with how we imagine Jewish life on campus should look. Bringing these ideas and visions together will help ignite a REVOLUTION to bring back to each of our communities.

We know you’re ready to change the feeling of your community. Take a look at the standard “design” around you: make one list with everything you like, and another of everything you want to change. Bring those lists with you.

But for us to be successful we need you to sign up now. Signing up with a friend with ensure each of you will know at least one other person coming.
Sign up by Tuesday, January 31 to secure your space as a trailblazer. 


Sign Up Now.