Official* Shabbaton Schedule

*Official in the sense that this is the document we’re working off of… but it’s subject to change since it is a Google Doc and the Shabbaton is still a few days away. Click Here to view the schedule!

Download The Flyer

Download and print the official 2017 Shabbaton flyer!! MOC – Rutgers Promo Flyer.pdf The flyer comes in both Red and Blue, it’s the user’s choice which one to use. Blue may be better when printing in black & white, while RED is attention grabbing when hung on a crowded board.

It’s time to sign up for the Shabbaton.

Now that we’ve got your attention let us tell you a little about what to expect when you join us. As in previous years your Shabbat experience will packed with Ruach, learning, training, and friendship. Each one of us brings our own knowledge and way of thinking, together with how we imagine Jewish life on campus should […]